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Letter: Nurses contract proposal would hurt quality of health care

To the editor,

Now that the economy is finally turning around, I am concerned about keeping jobs in Hastings.

I am dismayed to hear that the corporate heads of Benedictine Health Systems, who have purchased the Regina Nursing Center, are trying to make the nursing jobs at the Center second rate jobs by offering benefits far below what the nurses and longtime help at the hospital here and other hospitals earn. Not only would this hurt the quality of health care we receive in Hastings, but it would cause nurses to seek jobs elsewhere and leave us with the leftovers to care for our most vulnerable citizens. Benedictine Health Systems and Allina in Minneapolis need to know Hastings is not a second class community. 

I have many friends who work at the nursing home who have been fired by the new owners. All have been told to interview all over again for what was for many years their job. Those rehired are being offered a $2 an hour pay cut. 

What gives? Has Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker arrived in Minnesota?