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Letter: Local theater is going strong

To the editor,

We in Hastings are most fortunate to have two fine theater companies: Black Dirt Theater and NewBridge Theatre.  Not many cities of our size without a college or university support even one professional theater, and we have two.

Now through Dec. 22, NewBridge is offering a wonderful play, “A Christmas Carol,” based on the book by Charles Dickens.  It is a swiftly told story of death, suffering, selfishness and sadness.  It is also a story of wit and humor, song and merry-making.  Finally it is a story of love, and family and friendship, and ultimately the story of the conversion of an old man’s cold and evil heart.

From beginning to end the acting is tremendous — the adults, the young people, and the children.  There is great caroling, ghosts and spirits, villains and cruelty, prayer and redemption.

I have seen it twice. I will go again.  I recommend that you take your family and friends and enjoy two hours of wonderful holiday theater.

And after you have seen “A Christmas Carol” and catch the local theater bug, go to the websites of both NewBridge and Black Dirt and discover all the wonderful plays that you can see in Hastings next year.