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Letter: Thanks go out to the wreath finder

On Monday, Nov. 25, I picked up my daughters Gerten’s wreath fundraising order for the Hastings Area Swim Team. I got home and did some sorting outside of my car.  

I went to work in West St. Paul on Tuesday and brought my coworkers out to pick up their orders.  I was shocked to see that the one special wreath I had put on top of the pile so it would not get ruined was missing!  Then it hit me that I had placed that wreath on the roof of my car when sorting and must have left it there.  I had driven to the pool to pick up my daughter from practice that night at around 8:30 p.m.  I was not going to be back to work until Monday the second, so I e-mailed Gerten’s to see if I could possibly get one of these wreaths which is available through fundraising only.  The fundraising supervisor Barb Mike returned my email within minutes, which was kind of a shock as many times I never even get a return email from a business.  

She told me she had a wreath ready for me at “will call” at no cost!  This was a $27 wreath and may not have meant anything to such a big operation, but it meant the world to me.  This would have eaten up half of our fundraising profit.  I was able to get the wreath and deliver it before my coworker left for the day.  When I got home to Hastings and was driving my daughter to the pool for practice she spotted the wreath a few blocks away resting nicely against a tree. This tells me that yet another very kind person saw the wreath that had obviously blown off the roof of my car the night prior and placed it where I might see it had I gone looking for it.

What an awesome day to know there are still such good people in our world.

And even nicer that it is Christmas time!  Thank you to whoever found the wreath and placed it there.  It was greatly appreciated and heartfelt!  And thank you to Barb Mike at Gerten’s for her exceptional customer service!