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Letter: Thanks go out to trick-or-treaters

To the editor,

On Halloween Night I had an appointment in Minneapolis. Not wanting to disappoint any children I took a box from the garage and placed it full of candy on a stool on my front porch with a sign that read “Sorry We Missed You! Please Be Kind and Share with Others” because I was worried the candy and granola bars wouldn’t last the night if some of the trick-or-treaters overindulged.

Imagine my surprise when I returned late in the evening and found my mostly empty box with a half dozen or so straggler pieces of candy, none of which were in the box originally! I can only surmise that my sign was misinterpreted once the box was empty, and that the later arrivals thought that I was asking for treats, not offering any!

So thank you very much to my generous trick-or-treaters on the southeast end of Hastings!