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Letter: New logo is wasteful spending

To the editor,

Creating a new logo for our community due to the fact that the current one is too detailed for small electronic medium? The spiral bridge logo has been our history since 1857 folks. One would think in this age of electronic advancement that the current spiral logo (detailed as it is) could be re-configured using the same design to print it smaller and still retain the spiral bridge. Lee Stoffel states that it doesn’t function well in social media, email signatures or business cards. The spiral bridge is our social media. If technology can’t redesign our current logo to fit on an email or business card, why not leave it off? I did go to the survey monkey as asked to do, but you are only giving all the community the two new logo designs to choose from, and the article in the paper stated that your exploring ideas for a “possible new logo,” that would tend me to believe that a third option of leaving the current logo as a choice should have been part of the survey. Has anyone thought about the ramifications associated with overall cost to change out the current logo globally in our community?  It’s not just on letter head and business cards.

And we are really thinking about spending $22,000 in tax dollars to contract out a new website design that would require a yearly $6,000 maintenance fee, when we have a full time IT staff that has already built one. The city of Hastings website that we currently have is user friendly and very well laid out. Frivolously spending tax dollars on thought processes like this is why our country as a whole is in financial distress.