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Letter: In support of Angie McGinnis

To the residents of Hastings,

As a resident of Hastings, a parent of preschool children and an employee of the Hastings School District, I highly recommend that you show your support and vote for Angie McGinnis as she runs for reelection to the School Board on Nov. 5. Angie has served on the School Board since 2010 and has helped the district grow and adapt during her tenure. Prior to being a member of the School Board, she was a classroom teacher within the district where she received numerous accolades for her work and she has also held numerous leadership and volunteer positions within the Hastings community and beyond. The dynamic experiences Angie has make her a valuable member of the Hastings School Board.

When I think about Angie McGinnis, I think of an amazing teacher. Angie taught fifth grade at Central Elementary in Bemidji for four years. Then, she came to Hastings and taught third and fourth grade at John F. Kennedy for four years. While teaching at Kennedy, Angie was recognized as the District #200 Employee of the Quarter (1998), Wal-Mart Teacher of the Year (1999), 3M Innovative Teacher Award (2002), and Hastings Teacher of the Year (2002). These honors are just a glimpse of the positive influence Angie was able to have on the students she worked with over the years. This classroom experience gives her great perspective to share with the School Board while they make important decisions for our district. They rely on Angie’s classroom experience and her connectedness to current teachers and staff to ensure they are considering all factors that go into making important decisions.

Another thing that makes Angie a remarkable School Board member is her deep understanding of each student as a whole person. As a school counselor, I see how mental illness and unfortunate living circumstances can negatively impact a child’s education. I appreciate Angie’s attention to these issues while still having the goal of making sure all students achieve at the highest level of academic success. Mental illness continues to become more and more prevalent and it can be a challenge to help students and families find the assistance and support they need. Angie knows that in order for students to be successful academically, mental health support has to be high on the list of priorities. Only after students are cared for and safe can they focus their energy on academic achievement. Another example of her attention to students’ emotional well-being is her involvement in SAVE (Suicide Awareness Voices of Education). She spent 11 years as a Community Speaker for SAVE and she brings that knowledge and experience with her to her service on the School Board.

To summarize, there are many important reasons to vote for and re-elect Angie McGinnis to the ISD No. 200 Hastings School Board on Nov. 5. She will continue to lead the schools and the students of Hastings in the right direction.