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Letter: Thanks goes out to Black Dirt Theater staff

To the editor,

As someone who hasn’t stepped onto the stage for a rehearsed performance in over 30 years, I want to thank Libby Wasylik, Andy Langenfeld, and the entire crew at Black Dirt Theater for an exhilarating experience during Arsenic and Old Lace. This well-known play and movie, tweaked in an utterly ingenious fashion by director Diogo Lopes, was a great choice for this community theater.  I wouldn’t say I was any good; but I’m positive the audiences loved watching someone stuff a sock in this local politician’s mouth.  Good times for all.

While that opportunity is over, if you want to get involved in community theater yourself — there’s another chance the weekend of Nov. 2, when the Improv Comedy Showdown comes back. No experience necessary — learning is more than half the fun!

Go to www.blackdirttheater. com or “like” Black Dirt Theater on Facebook for more information.

My role as an elected public servant in this town gives me the chance to meet with many residents, see many wonderful things our city does, and renew myself through the inspiring example of others.  Libby, Andy, and the crew of Black Dirt Theater are truly an outstanding community asset.  My personal thanks to them, as well as the many other excellent artists we have throughout Hastings, for helping make our town a special place.  I’m proud to continue to serve you!