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Letter: In support of Angie McGinnis

To the editor,

This letter is being written in support of Angie McGinnis’ re-election to the Hastings Board of Education. She has a diverse and well rounded background. Angie has been a member of the Hastings School Board since 2010, and brings valuable experience, insight, and commitment to this position.

Angie has 10 years of experience as an elementary teacher and several more as a long term substitute. This first- hand knowledge and classroom experience gives her invaluable insight into the daily needs and responsibilities of the students, classroom teachers and administrators. In addition, Angie’s commitment to the Hastings community is evident in her impressive volunteer record. She has served on the Hastings Family Service Board, co-chaired the Bridge to a Cure cancer walk, served on her church council, and worked as the Tilden Volunteer Coordinator. Furthermore, Angie also worked three years in the private business sector in the financial area. These various community experiences and contacts along with her educational ties makes Angie very familiar and approachable when people have issues or questions regarding the School Board’s decisions and policies. People know they can always talk with Angie regarding their concerns.

Angie is proud of the Board’s accomplishments during her four year term on the Board. The successful passing of the Board’s referendum and the renewing of the operating levy were both essential to the creation of the community center at Tilden and the improvement of the Alternative Learning Center. Furthermore, the swimming pool and locker rooms were upgraded at the Middle School along with the addition of twelve more classrooms. The safety and security of our students was improved through a district wide security system and new security entrances at all schools.

Angie admits there is more work to be done. She is concerned with student achievement and is aware we need to continue to address our student’s mental health issues. Her experience on the board, along with her previous work in the private financial sector, makes her a valuable asset when it comes to understanding school funding and financial responsibility. Angie is knowledgeable about district policies and realizes that collaboration is essential for an effective school board. She knows what it takes to formulate and move programs forward while being a good steward of the tax payer’s dollars.

Angie’s School Board experience, community service and teaching background give her a unique perspective and advantage to continue to be an effective Board member. She has the insights to help set and guide the visions and goals for the Hastings school district while holding the district accountable for results. Angie is a proven, tireless worker, who has the best interests of the students, parents, and community constantly in mind. I encourage the voters of Hastings to re-elect Angie McGinnis to the School Board on Nov. 5.