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Letter: Tobacco tax is a ‘sin tax’

This letter is in response to the editorial “State tax on tobacco is a health tax” in the Oct. 13 edition of the Star Gazette.

It is still a “sin tax.” You really need to rethink your position on the subject. I could agree with you if the revenues from the tax went towards stop smoking programs where the counseling and medications would be paid for by the tax revenues, programs that would be free to the smoker wanting to quit. But, as we all know, the revenues are dedicated to paying State monies for a new football stadium.

You also say that when the tobacco tax revenues fall below useful or unimportant levels, that will be ideal because “in the long term, fewer people smoking cigarettes is a good thing.”

Then you bring in the nation’s health care system inferring that costs would go down. Just to remind you, when applying for health care insurance, smokers are identified and their rates are much higher than the non-smoker. That should even things out.

Be forewarned, the next “health tax” imposed may be something that you enjoy, like apple pie and ice cream or a burger and fries. There is ample evidence that they are bad for your health, too.