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Letter: In support of the levy renewal

To the community of Hastings,

It has been my pleasure to represent you, by being a member of the Hastings School board, at two different points in my life.  This community has always been supportive of education and at the same time they want a school board that is fiscally responsible.  I can assure you that the current school board is being fiscally responsible by asking for only a renewal of the 2005 levy and by not asking for additional money.

The State of Minnesota is going to give almost $1 million of property tax relief to our Hastings Community if we vote to continue to give financial support to our schools by renewing our levy from 2005.  A yes vote on Nov. 5 will result in our school district getting financial support from our community, and our community getting financial support from the State of Minnesota.

When you go to the polls you will see a voting ballot that states your taxes will increase by voting Yes.  This is a legal formality that the district must adhere too. Yes, a levy does increase your taxes because if there were no levy, you would not have to pay any school district taxes.  The reality is that your school taxes, in the end, will be less in 2014 than what you are currently paying in 2013 with a Yes vote.  Please join me and vote Yes on Nov. 5.