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Letter: In support of Russ Rohloff

To the editor,

Please join us in support of Russ Rohloff for Hastings School Board in the November election. Russ is a very active member of the community and volunteers a lot of his time to the people of Hastings. Russ has the experience you would look for in a School Board Member working on different committees. Russ spent over 5 years as a member of the Hastings Parks Commission, was a member of the School Facility Task Force and was a member of the 2030 City of Hastings Comprehensive plan. Russ is currently serving on the Hastings Planning Commission, and is a member of the Hastings United Way Board of Directors. Russ is active in Hastings area youth sports either as a coach or as a board member.

As a member of the Hastings City Council, I appreciate the hard work and difficult choices our Planning Commission makes and Russ is an important member of this group. If elected, Russ will be able to get right to work as being part of group that makes tough decisions as this will not be new to Russ because of his work on the Planning Commission.

Russ would be a new, strong and fresh voice on the Hastings School Board. He will work hard with the many groups the Hastings School District serves. As a new school board member, Russ will listen to the concerns of the voters. Russ will be a good steward for your hard earned tax dollars that fund our school district. Having two children in the Hastings School District, Russ understands the difference between wants and needs within the school system. He will work hard on making sure the school is making wise choices for the present and for the future.

If you are looking for a change to the Hastings School Board, then please make Russ Rohloff your only choice on Election Day.