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Letter: In support of Angie McGinnis

To the editor,

It has been four years since I wrote a letter to the editor of the Hastings local newspaper. In 2009 I wrote in support of Angie McGinnis, my younger sister, who was running for election to the School Board in Hastings. Angie’s enthusiasm for serving children and families through education in Hastings inspires her to run for re-election.

I encourage you to vote for Angie McGinnis for Hastings School Board.

Since Angie’s election, with the support of her husband Pete, she has carried out her public duties with dignity and purpose, just as she conducts her personal life. I will share an example from my experience.

Early this fall, one of our nieces from rival Rosemount played a JV soccer match in Hastings. Angie, her young son Thomas and I walked across vacant fields to the one with the game being played. While strolling along, Angie mentioned hopes of better walking paths being constructed one day for people to get from their vehicles to the playing fields, particularly for the elderly and those with mobility challenges.

A random observation left Angie pondering ideas for how storage sheds might be used more efficiently. And that was it, brief mentions and it was on to chatting and responding with ideas for the concerns of Thomas in the event he got bored sitting around watching other kids play.

Truth be told, we cheered for both teams—we had a niece in green and blue and our oldest brother from Rosemount was sitting next to us! Thomas’ concerns were unfounded; he stayed in the stands with his mom and uncles.

All this to say that my sister lives in the genuine spirit of a public servant and her service is well-informed by the needs and everyday considerations of family life.

Angie McGinnis cares, works hard, and will serve Hastings with a vision for quality education. I hope you vote for her for School Board in 2013.