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Letter: In support of Angie McGinnis

To the Editor:

The citizens of Hasting School District have been most fortunate to have had Angie McGinnis represent their educational interests for the past four years. Those same citizens have the opportunity to make sure that fortune continues by re-electing her as school board member on Nov. 5.

Whether as a loving parent, talented teacher, gifted leader, giving volunteer or caring citizen, Angie is dedicated to assuring that young people have every opportunity to reach their full potential as learners. She addresses issues related to curriculum, capital, services, and the many other aspects of providing an education with one priority in mind – the students. Her decisions are generated from determining what will best serve students.

As a long-time resident of Hastings, Angie has been a consummate participant and organizer of school and community activities. The school district will continue to benefit from her community experience with her re-election.

A vote to re-elect Angie McGinnis will be a vote for strong, knowledgeable, passionate, and hard-working leadership for Hastings schools.