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Letter: Hastings needs space for the arts

To the editor,

I am an artist and have lived in Hastings for many years. I have been a member of a number of artist associations and my paintings have been on display throughout the Midwest region. Besides painting, I also facilitate a free weekly art class at the Hastings Senior Center at Tilden. I also take classes from artist experts throughout the state. As an artist, I support the reuse of the Hudson Manufacturing building as a multi-use facility that would include gallery and studio space for art and artists.

We need space for art shows, classes and work areas in the Hastings area. Today, display areas for art and artists are mainly in the west metro area of the Twin Cities and must usually be booked two years in advance. The best display areas are art centers and large public sites with good lighting, such as the Hudson Manufacturing building. A space in Hastings large enough for 200 paintings would be of great value to artists, art clubs and citizens in our area and throughout the state. Space could be used for organizations, individuals and group shows and opening receptions and award ceremonies, which are often well attended by participants. Currently, the size of an art show depends on the size of the space that is obtained for that year; how well each painting shows depends on where it hangs and the lighting of the space. Having visited the Hudson Manufacturing building, I was impressed by the light streaming in from the large windows on the north and south of the building. The combination of light and space in this historic building would be a great draw for artists from around the Midwest. Using space in the Hudson Manufacturing building for art shows, work areas and studios would bring artists, arts organizations and art shows to our area.