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Three small wooden stakes mark rows of bodies buried beneath the earth at the Hastings State Hospital cemetery in southeastern Hastings. A group of activists has successfully lobbied to have markers placed in the cemetery to honor those buried there. The group is seeking help with the project. Anyone interesting helping should contact Remembering With Dignity at 651-641-0297 or should attend a public meeting at noon Thursday, July 29, at Green Mill.

Remembering With Dignity: Volunteers are sought to help with state hospital cemetery effort

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The journey to remember the more than 13,000 people buried in state institutions' cemeteries in Minnesota continues, but at the former Hastings State Hospital cemetery, the end of the journey nears.


Many living in the area are still not aware of what is there -- 901 people buried in what had been unmarked graves. Many have no family members still alive. It was a different time in the state's history.

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