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Letter: Who does John Kline represent?

To the editor,

I recently read an article about reclassifying home care workers so they will receive minimum wage and overtime pay: Rep. John Kline opposes this move on the grounds that it will raise home care costs and therefore, perhaps, some people will not be able to afford it and end up in institutions.

Kline is a confusing fellow: He will cut nutrition to young kids and create malnutrition, sending them to institutions, increasing the costs of caring for such people (and malnutrition will affect them throughout their lives), and lower efficiency of the workforce in the country. Check out Kline’s vote on SNAP.

But that is fine — poor kids and mothers have little voice in the political game Kline is so deeply involved in.

And apparently it is OK for home care workers to suffer underpayment for the hard work they do to stave off the possibility of elderly going to institutions.

It must be OK with Kline if the home care workers end up sick and in institutions because they could not get proper health care, could not buy sufficient food and were overworking themselves into illnesses.

So who exactly is Kline worried about?

At the same time, Kline votes consistently and steadfastly to give more tax benefits to the ultra-rich to whom he fawns and caters ceaselessly.

He is supposed to represent his constituency. He took an oath to do it. He has violated this oath for many, many years by voting constantly against the interest of his constituency.

His representation and votes are not representative — they are ideological.

He works daily to out-conservative all his colleagues in the U.S. House.

Rep. Kline, it is time for you to go away and return to Texas, or wherever the GOP found you.