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Letter: Thanks to public works, parks departments

Over the last year, the City of Hastings has been planning for and conducting needed improvements to 18th St. E/TH 291.  We became involved because the eastern end of this project impacts the Hastings Scientific and Natural Area, which is located at the intersection of 18th St. and Ravenna Trail/10th St.

This beautiful natural area contains a very diverse upland hardwood forest that is bisected by this road.

I would like to extend my thanks to the staff of the city’s public works and parks and recreation departments for their professionalism in all aspects of the project work, and for going above and beyond in helping us to implement a plant “rescue” event in the spring, followed by a recent volunteer “replanting” event. Staff accommodated our many requests as much as possible, including making adjustments to the project plans to minimize impacts, offering to deliver water to the potted plants over the summer, allowing us access to the site and serving as liaison to the road construction contractors.  We very much appreciate the city taking the sensitive nature of this SNA into account when planning the road improvement project and for working closely with us during the construction phase.

I understand that such construction projects are complicated, costly and schedule driven.  Tom Montgomery and his staff demonstrated that they understood the importance of minimizing negative impacts to the SNA and assisted us whenever they could, in good humor.  We appreciate this very much.