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Letter: Thanks go to RL Johnson Jewelers

I wanted to publicly thank RL Johnson Jewelers of Hastings for fixing my engagement ring!

I took my ring to the ‘big-box’ business in town where my husband bought it from for sizing and a good cleaning.   To my shock they refused to size it without the original receipt, and since my husband bought it for me over six years ago that proof of purchase was long gone.

The person at the service counter there claimed that since I had the ring sized once they could not do it again, and that sizing a ½ size is impossible.  I was also told that if I were to find the original receipt they would look at sizing it, but it would cost a minimum of $60.  

Sadly my ring sat not on my finger where it belonged, but on the shelf.

Heartbroken and frustrated I called RL Johnson and they were surprised at the other business’s claim that the ring could not be sized, and I was told they would be happy to size the ring for me!

I got my ring back on Oct. 3, the day before my five-year wedding anniversary. Thanks to RL Johnson Jewelers, and their wonderful staff and craftsmanship. I have my engagement ring back where it belongs, on the finger my husband so lovingly placed it.  It’s beautiful, it fits and it is as shiny as it was the day he proposed.

The man at RL Johnson’s didn’t treat me any differently because we didn’t purchase my ring there. He didn’t ignore my sentiment because the ring isn’t gigantic and expensive.  Nope. I was treated with kindness and respect.

That’s customer service.  And that is how you earn business.

Thank you again to all the staff at RL Johnson (especially the wonderful man who helped me) for making my fifth wedding anniversary so special.

I’ll be back someday for something sparkly!