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Letter: In support of Russ Rohloff

To the editor,

I am the father of three boys who have very different interests. My 10th-grader excels in band and show choir. The eighth-grader is a team sports fanatic. My fifth-grader has a high aptitude for technology and science. Russ Rohloff is the candidate who can help School District 200 create an environment where all three children will have the resources to develop their skills at the highest level. Parents of children with similar interests agree that capital upgrades are overdue. Russ Rohloff has the background experience, community respect and persistence necessary to help facilitate these upgrades in a way that makes sense for all parties.

There are classroom technology and outdoor athletic facility upgrades available that will reduce the annual expenses of the district. These are just two examples of subjects that need further exploration. If elected, Russ Rohloff will explore these and others in a reasonable, resourceful and reliable way. Please vote YES to renew the current operating levy and join me in voting for Russ Rohloff for school board on Nov. 5.