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Letter: In support of Denny McNamara

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To the editor,

I'm writing today to support the re-election of our State Representative, Denny McNamara, to another term in the Minnesota House of Representatives


Denny represents the people of his district, the new District 54B, not lobbyists or Political Action Committees. As has always been the case, he doesn't take any money from PACs or lobbyists to fund his campaigns so he isn't beholden to anyone but his constituents.

In today's political climate, I think it's more important than ever to have our elected officials work together in a bi-partisan manner and seek compromise for the betterment of our state and our district. As chair of the House Environment committee, Denny McNamara works with the governor as well as both sides of the political aisle in the house to reach a fair, common sense compromise. Denny has also been endorsed by both labor and business groups which typically doesn't happen if you only see issues from a single point of view.

Please vote to re-elect Denny McNamara to the Minnesota House of Representatives in District 54B on Tuesday November 6th.

Tony Jurgens

Cottage Grove