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Letter: In support of Angie McGinnis

With a myriad of challenging issues facing our school district, no one I know is better equipped to deal with them than Angie McGinnis. In an age when everyone (particularly within our education system) seems to have an “agenda,” Angie’s agenda is the academic success and well-being of our students.

People forget how fortunate we are to have some of the top teachers in the state in our school district (including Angie herself at one time).

Angie’s recognition that investment in technology and high-achieving students will enable many otherwise mediocre and disinterested students to reach their full potential. Isn’t that all any parent can ask?

Angie knows that we need to raise the bar. With two young kids of her own, Angie realizes the need for drastic improvement and is dedicated to the enhancement of the honors, high potential and advanced placement curriculum offered at District No. 200. Angie knows a school is only as good as its top students.

Angie is about as active and involved in the schools and the community as any one person can be, and is uniquely qualified to combat the imposing issues facing the district. Angie has more dedication and commitment to this cause than anyone.

Angie McGinnis deserves your vote for School Board on Nov. 5.