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Letter: In support of Angie McGinnis

To the editor,

Angie McGinnis has been and will continue to be an excellent District 200 school board member. Over a number of years, it has been my pleasure to watch Angie work and interact in a variety of capacities. The characteristics displayed by and skills possessed by Angie in the many roles she handles enhance the capabilities of our school board.

Angie’s educational background is diverse. She worked as a full-time teacher in District 200 for a number of years and now works as a substitute teacher on both a day-to-day basis and over longer terms. As an instructor, Angie’s warmth and friendliness with students, parents and colleagues is always evident. She holds herself and others to high standards while seeking avenues for all involved to meet goals with success. She recognizes the value of creativity and welcomes innovative approaches to problems. Angie’s current experience as a substitute teacher gives her hands-on experiences that inform her in a unique way as a school board member. Her experience of having served a term on the School Board for District 200 has given her an opportunity to speak with community members publicly and privately. She has gained an understanding of the various perspectives that which need to be heard and understood in order to ensure unity and progress as a district. A new educational role Angie has recently added to her repertoire of skills is that of Director for St. Phillip’s preschool. Angie’s history with District #200 together with her visionary and leadership capabilities greatly assist her as a board member in the evaluation and implementation of present and future practices.

Angie McGinnis is a dedicated, energetic worker for causes which help and serve others. Angie’s model of service to the community of Hastings is most impressive. She has served on the Hastings Family Service board, has co-chaired Bridge for the Cure (cancer prevention) and has worked diligently in a variety of capacities to increase awareness regarding suicide and mental illness. Angie was a board member at her church. She has consistently served as a volunteer in a number of ways for Hastings public schools.

These are just a few examples of the many ways Angie embraces the community of Hastings with her service.

Please re-elect Angie McGinnis as a school board member for District 200. She will protect the precious investment we’ve made in our future—our children. She understands the restrictions of our current financial climate and will work to create balance between stewardship and resource allocation. She is and will continue to be a champion of causes and a voice of reason in our community!