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Letter: Restorative Justice program is at work in Hastings

To the editor,

There are programs and services available to support survivors of impaired-driving traffic crashes. One of these programs is in here in Hastings. The St. Croix Valley Restorative Justice Program (SCVRJP) helps survivors with storytelling in a meaningful way. SCVRJP provides Victim Impact Panels every other month in Hastings in partnership with Hastings Restorative Justice Council and monthly in western Wisconsin. Survivors are welcome to volunteer as storytellers. Storytellers share the impact of their experience to create change in their community. SCVRJP will provide training and support. Contact Kris Miner at 715-425-1100 or scvr if you are interested in learning more.

The SCVRJP website,, provides additional details on Restorative Justice sessions and services, including Restorative Response. Restorative Response offers support groups to family and friends who have lost loved ones to sudden, unnatural death such as traffic fatalities, suicide and homicide.

If you have unintentionally harmed someone as the result of a car crash, SCVRJP may have volunteer storyteller opportunities for you as well. Restorative Justice utilizes storytelling and dialogue between victims, offenders and their community.