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Letter: Residents should decide on new police chief

To the editor,

There are signs in Hastings that read “Noise ordinance laws strictly enforced.” At present, Hastings has severe and multiple noise problems. The city administrator and the police chief are on a 20,000-member city tax payroll. Now, if these people were to actually do the job they took an oath to do and are paid to do, the noise problem would not exist. And it would be called Vermillion Street and not Hastings Speedway. The former administrator and the past two chiefs allowed too many wrongs under their watch.

To prevent a conflict from citizens’ interest, the sheriff’s office should find three out-of-state people for the police chief position. Do the background checks and interviews. Use the auditorium at the middle school for question-and-answer periods. Let Hastings residents ask the candidates questions and then take a vote. Take the cards to the government center and let federal judges do the counting. The winner would be voted in.

Hastings residents are paying all the bills. They should have the final say.