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Letter: Greil’s departure will be a big loss

It is with much sadness that we learn about an opening on the School Board because Dan Greil will be leaving our community and therefore can no longer serve on this board.

Dan was first elected in 2006 and then re-elected in 2010. He had previously served on the Hastings Planning Commission for six years and so he knew our Hastings Community from many different aspects.

Representing both the taxpayers and the students, Dan was our voice of common sense. He understood the issues that faced our schools and was committed to doing all that he could to make learning a better experience for all of our kids while keeping educational costs in mind at all times.

The shoes of Dan will be hard to fill. We wish the Greils well as they enter another phase of life, but first we want to thank both of them for their involvement in our community. We are better people because of their leadership and commitment to Hastings.

Go forth Dan and Julia and continue to make the world a better place to be; please take our heartfelt thanks with you as you continue on your journey.

We will miss you.