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Letter: County doesn’t need more park land

To the editor,

Shame on the Dakota County Commissioners, except for Mike Slavik. From what I have been reading, the families thought they had an agreement with you and you changed the rules – got greedy and wanted more. I told my kids many times, there is a difference between NEED and WANT. Quick take and condemnation is a rotten way to get what you WANT– not NEED. How about families that you misled and us taxpayers?

How many acres of parks does Dakota County NEED? I haven’t been able to get the exact total, but the County has thousands already. I am pretty sure we have some purchased many years ago on Lake Byllesby that is still undeveloped. Besides the purchase cost, this land comes off the tax roles, and then there is the cost to develop it and maintain it.

I found Lebanon Hills has around 2,000 acres, Miesville Ravine has over 1,000, Whitetail Woods has over 450 some with no access. We also have Spring Lake Park Reserve, Thompson Park, Big River Regional Trail, North Urban Regional Trail, Dakota Woods Dog Park and I might have missed some.

Please reconsider your decision. I will remember when voting for the next County Commissioners we NEED.