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Letter: Considering attending a caucus on Feb. 4

To the editor,

As a part of Republican caucus, you will have an opportunity to vote in the straw poll for your favored candidate for Minnesota governor and United States Senator.  You will also have an opportunity to become a delegate to the Senate District 54 Convention, as well as becoming a delegate to the congressional district and state GOP conventions.

For Republicans, generally we agree that we should question any legislation that grows the size, scope, or cost of government.  There are a number of reasons to question government, most importantly because of the negative impact to individual rights as guaranteed by our Constitution.  We do feel that MNSure and the Affordable Care Act are over reaches on a number of levels.  It has been widely reported that costs are going up for the majority of the people.  The federal scandals involving Benghazi and NSA spying on American citizens is of great concern to many Republicans.  Federal debt topping $17,000,000,000,000 (that’s trillion), and federal budget deficits of $1,000,000,000,000 (also a trillion) could have far reaching negative impacts on all of our children and grandchildren. The promises that have been made to Americans a la Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and federal pensions have unfunded liabilities that will make your jaw drop.  Because of these problems, many people feel that achieving the American Dream is a goal that is becoming more unobtainable by the day.

If you agree with some of what I’ve mentioned, I invite you to caucus with Republicans on Feb. 4.  If you are a Republican, I invite you to join us on Feb. 4.  For a listing of Republican Caucus locations in Senate District 54, please go to www.sd54 (you can also sign up for email updates).  A listing of caucus locations is also available via the MN Secretary of State website.  Please join us for caucus on Feb. 4 and have a say in what your government will look like.