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Letter: ‘Change is coming to my store and I’m ready’

To the editor,

Facing change can be scary or exciting, but the one constant is that it’s emotional and different for everyone.

For me it’s a wonderful new opportunity to spread my creative wings and have a chance to reinvent Hastings Gift, Garden and Floral. After 23 years this is an opportunity I don’t want to miss.

This change, however, has been the subject of much emotion from customers over the past few weeks. Some are happy and excited, some sad and unsure of my store’s future and some are angry. While I don’t want to dismiss anyone’s right to their feelings, I too, have an emotional response to CVS coming to town.

I’m all for it. My mind is whirling with nearly endless possibilities and those of you who know me well can vouch for my continual string of ideas. If the opportunity hadn’t presented itself, I probably wouldn’t have started my inventory clearance. Having the sale frees up space and allows me to rethink how I want the store to look when I move. In some very positive ways it forced me to examine where I want to be in ten years.

So while I can control how the clearance sale progresses, what I can’t control is how long the waiting process lingers and when I can begin to look seriously for a new location and set that move into motion. That’ where I (and the other property owners) need the assistance of the city council and Mayor Hicks. No one forced us to move, but waiting to see if the plan will be approved is a slow and emotionally taxing process for all involved. I urge the council to vote yes to the CVS plan and help petition MNDOT to allow a Vermillion Street access.

The sooner I have an answer, the sooner I (and others on the block) can relocate and stop living in limbo. How that will play out and when that will be is out of my control, but for the many reasons I recently expressed publicly at the planning commission meeting, I believe the CVS site plan is attractive and well thought out. I know there has been talk that the plan doesn’t exactly fit the Vermillion Street Corridor vision with building tight to the road and parking in the back, but I was part of that committee and many there (business owners with firsthand experience) expressed grave concerns about this vision.

I’d love for you to come in for a chat, like us on Facebook to have instant updates on the clearance sale and our move, or watch the broadcast of the planning commission meeting for more in depth information on the CVS Pharmacy proposal. Whether you’re a regular shopper at Hastings Gift, Garden and Floral (or not) or plan to support (or not) CVS, change is coming to my store and I’m ready.

As I ponder all the possibilities, I ground myself with the knowledge that Jesus is my Lord and in control of this situation. That’s no small feat for a “type A” personality like me. Nevertheless it is true. Most of us have heard of the serenity prayer. It’s not just for alcoholics or addicts. It’s for all of us.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can and the wisdom to know the difference. Amen.