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Hudson Manufacturing in Hastings to close

H.D. Hudson Manufacturing in Hastings is closing its doors. They expect to be shut down by the end of the summer. The plant here along 10th Street employs 40 people.

Bill Hudson, the company's marketing and sales vice president, confirmed the closure Monday morning.  

"Any business has a need to operate efficiently -- our business is no different," he said. 

The company has three plants in operation today, including facilities in Iowa and Michigan. Closing the plant in Hastings will leave them with two.

"With three manufacturing facilities, you have more costs than if you have two," Hudson said. "By trimming down to two, we're able to improve our cost position to better serve our customers."

As for the 40 employees here, Hudson said that: "Individuals will be receiving generous severance packages, traditional stay-on bonuses to help us wind down, as well as outplacement services to help them with the next step in their career."