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Captain Jim Fisher of the U.S. Navy pins Lisa Amble’s new insignia onto her uniform at a pinning ceremony May 30. Submitted photo

HHS grad earns new rank in the Navy

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HHS grad earns new rank in the Navy
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On Friday, May 30, Lisa Amble was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade in the U.S. Navy. Amble, a 2008 graduate of Hastings High School, earned her new rank while attending Helicopter Flight School in Pensacola, Fla.


Although the promotion is automatically given to officers who are in the Navy for two years, getting to the two-year mark in Amble’s line of training is a challenge. Because of the way the military has slimmed down, and because of how rigorous her program is, it can be hard to stay in, Amble said.

“Being able to have pushed through and stay in has been an accomplishment,” she said.

Amble has been on active duty for two years. Prior to that, she went through the ROTC program as a chemistry major at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Mass.

Lately, she’s been training to fly helicopters, and her training is nearly complete. Provided there are no major setbacks, she said, she expects to finish flight school in mid-August.

Once she gets her wings, the next project will be learning how to fly a fleet helicopter. So far, her flight training has taught her how to fly a plane and a basic helicopter. The fleet helicopter is significantly larger, she said.

After her basic flight training, Amble could have chosen to fly airplanes, but she chose helicopters because of their versatility. Helicopters can land on just about any of the Navy’s ships, land on rooftops, perform offensive maneuvers, transport people or run search and rescue missions.

“You can do anything and a plane simply can’t,” she said.

The past couple years have been tough, but well worth the effort, according to Amble.

“It has been extremely challenging,” she said, “by far the most challenging thing I’ve done.”

But it’s gratifying to know that the skills she’s learning will allow her to help people and save lives, she said.

“It’s a really awesome feeling, and it makes life that much better and that much more exciting, and it gets me through those difficult moments,” she said.

To anyone else considering the same route, Amble said she is happy to share her experience and welcomes contact by email at swingfast12@comcast. net.

Katrina Styx
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