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A day in the life of Hastings: Section aims to capture everyday life here

Karl Sorg is pictured combining corn just outside Hastings as the sun rises.

Every day, our little community of Hastings is full of activity. We wondered exactly what all of that activity would look like in a special section, and got started planning for our first

"A day in the life of Hastings" project. Beginning at 12:01 a.m. on Friday, Sept. 21, we got started on the project and by the end of that day we had amassed thousands of photos and talked with dozens and dozens of Hastings residents.

We published the work from that day in a special 16-page section, which was inserted into the Oct. 4 edition of the Star Gazette.

There are also some videos embedded into the section.

Click here to view an electronic version of the special section.