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Bricks are for sale again at Tilden Community Center

The patio and gardens are being used at Tilden Community Center. The celebration bricks, which were so popular and helped to fund the project, are for sale again this year.

Hastings Community Education installed a patio and gardens in the Community Center backyard. The cost was underwritten by the Hastings Senior Center and the sale of celebration bricks.

Celebration bricks are a great way to remember special events in your family life: births, deaths, anniversaries, achievements, according to Hastings Community Education Director Mary O’Brien.

“Did you or a family member attend Tilden, which has been a Hastings school since 1868?” she asked. “A celebration brick in the Tilden backyard is a perfect way to honor their history with the building.”

How many years has your family lived in Hastings? Acknowledge your roots with a celebration brick! Need an end of the year teacher gift? A celebration brick will always acknowledge the important role that teacher played in your child’s life, O’Brien said.

Last spring, Tilden Community Center developed the open area on the west side of the building. It includes the patio with plants and some of the bricks in a pathway.

Thanks to the Hastings Senior Center Program, the celebration bricks are reasonably priced. A 4 x 8 brick, which allows for four lines of text, is $30. The 8 x 8 brick with six lines of text is $60. Brick prices will increase by $5 on June 1.

Brick order forms are available at Tilden Community Center, 310 River Street, Hastings, 651-480-7670.