Happy Birthday: A lesson in giving vs. receiving


Prescott resident Campbell Hundt turned 13 on Friday, Dec. 16. When you think of a typical teen birthday, you might think of a trip to the mall, but Campbell's mom Jana had something else in mind.

She surprised Campbell and and her friends by signing them up for a shift ringing bells for the Salvation Army in Hastings, Minn.

"To have them learn a bit about giving vs. receiving during the holiday season," Jana said. "I heard about this thru Kool 108 radio station."

They were stationed at both doors at the Walmart in Hastings.

"They started strong with singing Christmas songs and dancing around for about 45 minutes and then started to dwindle, got a little cold," Jana said. "you know, most didn't dress as warm as we asked them to — kids."

Jana said the girls shared some stories with her from their experience that night, such as "one bah humbug" that didn't give anything and one Walmart worker who came out twice to tell them how much she appreciated what they were doing as she lost her daughter a few years back and this warmed her heart.

"The girls have been telling others and their parents about that story," Jana said. "I also had one gentlemen pull up in his truck, with his window down and handed me a couple of bucks and said he doesn't typically give to this but those girls were really putting in a lot of effort."

The Salvation Army reported a total of $581.43 was raised at the Hastings Walmart Friday, Dec. 16, thanks to Campbell, her friends and two other ringers earlier in the day.

A lesson in giving vs. receiving is a good lesson for the holiday season, indeed. Happy Birthday, Campbell!