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Christ’s Family Church holds its day with the Bond Slaves on Sept. 29

by Jane Lightbourn • Staff writer

Finding church a little stale?

Then this Sunday’s (Sept. 29) worship services at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. at Christ’s Family Church promise to be unique and different.

For the ninth time, it will be “Biker Sunday” at the church, 518 E.  Second St. All are welcome, on and off their motorcycles. The guest speaker will again will Bob “Monk” Dixon.

Christ’s Family Church was introduced to biker world through one of its new members, Ryan Dannenberg, now the national treasurer  of the Bond Slave Motorcycle Club.  

“This young gentleman, sporting more tattoos than I had seen in my life, provided a window into this subculture that intrigued us and we wanted to support his Christian efforts to reach his peers,” said senior pastor Paris Pasch. Pasch, himself a motorcycle enthusiast, went to Sturgis, S.D., in the early days of the partnership to see for himself what the real story was all about.

“It was a very eye-opening experience to ride with a club that cares so much about helping other bikers hear about the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ that they go to great lengths to build friendships and connections,” he said. “After the Sturgis experience we had opened a door to the Bond Slaves sufficiently to engage their leadership to come and speak to our congregation. The people here in Hastings were dramatically moved with how passionate these motorcycle folks were about touching the lives of a group that often is disenfranchised or maybe just marginalized as not church worthy.”

Dixon has spoken here before and is a colorful character and not just because of the tattoos and his yellow sneakers, Pasch said.  

“He has a huge heart for bikers and has labored as the club’s national president for some years,” he said. “But Bob’s real passion is for people who are moved to the edges of society by circumstances and crisis. He longs to help those who feel separated from the mainstream become aware of their personal value to God.”

He usually rides to this area from Indiana on an old “swap meet built” style Harley-Davidson motorcycle that he affectionately refers to as “Shep,” because just like an old faithful dog, it seems to end up in the back of an old pickup on long rides.

“This is a fun Sunday and a little different than a normal church service,” said Pasch. “We will have motorcycles in the sanctuary and special parking for bikes that Sunday, but even those who have never ridden a two-wheeler will enjoy the straight forward style that Bob speaks from.”

Christ’s Family Church opens its door the same way the club opened their lives to them.

The services are open to the community. Come early for the coffee.