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Look to Caregiver Monday for assistance

Caregiver Mondays is an initiative of The Monday Campaigns, a nonprofit organization in association with Johns Hopkins, Columbia and Syracuse universities. Here is tip No. 2 for 2013: Look to caregiving experts for advice on how to handle stress. In Hastings, you can connect with Mary Salm at Regina Medical Center (651 480 4377) or Lynn Nasvik at DARTS, 651- 455-1560.

Caregiver information you might find helpful:

Please plan to join us on Wednesday, Feb. 6. If you are a caregiver for an older adult, please plan to join us for a light dinner and conversation from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 6, at Tilden Community Center. Please RSVP by Jan. 31, to 651-480-7670 so we can plan dinner.

If you would like information about advance care directives, or help completing one with your loved one, contact Rev. Peter Morlock, advanced care planning chaplain at Regina Medical Center. He can be reached by calling 651-480-4587.

Here is one caregiver's reflections on caring for older loved ones. This week's focuses on respite.

My mother is feeling good again, and is back in the role of primary caregiver. She cooks, monitors medications, washes soiled clothes and sheets, arranges medical appointments and the specialized transportation needed to get to them, helps Dad with his shower, and on and on. She doesn't get days off. She doesn't get the daily diversion of time in an office or other workplace. And she certainly doesn't get a vacation.

Every caregiver needs some respite, though. So tonight my mother is taking a well-deserved break, and, in her opinion, it doesn't get much better. She'll be served by others at a restaurant and then will be whisked off to a faraway time and place by an evening of theater. And best of all, she's with her granddaughter, who lightens her spirit and brings her joy. Meanwhile, I'm on Dad duty, which I hope gives her the peace of mind to fully relax and enjoy her rare night off. It's the least I can do. My vacation starts tomorrow.

(Editor's note: Beth's complete online journal can be found at:


For a resource guide for service providers who can help in your caregiver journey, stop by the Hastings Senior Center in the Tilden Community Center, or go online to: www.darts1



If you would like to submit a question or concern about your own caregiving experience, and get direct, one-to-one information and advice from a licensed social worker and eldercare advisor, please visit:

-caregiving-advisor or call 651-455-1560.

This section of the Star Gazette is a resource for family and friends helping an older adult. We hope you find this section useful, and if you have any comments or suggestions, we would love to hear them. Please contact Colleen Fritsch at DARTS, 651-234-2222.