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Bridge View Boutique open along Vermillion Street

After working in human resources for about 20 years, Hastings resident Lori Spence was ready for a change of pace. She had raised three sons, now all adults, and it was time for something new.

"It was time for me to be a girl," she said.

On July 5, she opened Bridge View Boutique in Hastings. The store, located along Vermillion Street just south of the bridge, offers a mix of new, used, vintage and antique items. There's furniture, mens and womens clothing, jewelry, decor, natural and organic products, artwork, designer handbags and more.

"There's something there for everyone," she said. "It's not an antique store. It's not like anything down on Second Street."

There's a consignment option so people get a variety of items. A few local vendors have brought Hastings-focused items, such as the photographer who has several photos of the Hastings bridge.

"We've brought a lot of Hastings into the store," Spence said.

So far there are four vendors, including Spence. Two more are expected to join the store in August.

Spence has had a few other stores similar to this one in the past five years, located in Rosemount, Farmington and Wisconsin. When looking to open a store in Hastings, the Vermillion Street location had particular appeal. Spence said she's been attracted to the Hastings bridge and bridge construction work for a long time and has been a vendor in many other antique stores. She looked at a few other locations, she said, but the location right next to the bridge with both on-street and off-street parking fit the bill.

"I thought that would be a great location," she said.

Once she settled on the place, she and her husband got to work making a few renovations. The took down a wall and repainted, making the interior distinctly different from the former tenant.

So far, the feedback Spence has heard from customers has been positive. She said that people who have stopped in have loved the place, and pretty much everyone who comes in has bought something. Her big push now is making more people aware of the store.

Bridge View Boutique, located at 310 Vermillion St., is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. The phone number is 651-319-0076. The store has an online presence on Facebook as well: