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Jan’s dancers win Grand Nationals

Dancers from Jan’s School of Dance, Inc., captured the Senior Grand National Championship with “Trouble” and the Teen Grand National Championship with “Loud” at the Midwest Stars National Finals in the Wisconsin Dells in June. In competition among 48 studios, the dancers captured 18 platinum awards, 19 high golds, and 23 first-place awards. The Giant Clogging routine, “Trouble,” had the highest scoring routine of the competition to capture the Senior division. The Silver Clogging routine, “Loud,” had the second highest routine of the competition to capture the teen division honors.

The Ruby Line led the way with platinum awards in jazz, lyrical, and omni lyrical. They also received high score awards in all categories, including first in omni lyrical. They also earned judges awards in jazz and omni lyrical. Members of the Ruby Line include Taylor Engstrom, Brooke Francis, Alexis Kimmes, Treya Kragenbring, Kelly Krier, Grace Larson, Alaina Mattimiro and Anna Weidner.

The Turquoise Line took home high gold medals in jazz and lyrical and high score in jazz. Members include Erin Anderson, Megan Braun, Callie Davis, Haley Fox, Cassie Hillstead and Alaina Schmidt.

The Giant Clogging Routine, “Trouble,” took home a platinum award, first place high score award and the Senior National Grand Championship title. Members include Megan Braun, Kelsey Bria, Katelin Curtis, Taylor Engstrom, Haley Fox, Brooke Francis, Ashley Getting, Whitney Hernlem, Emily Israel, Alexis Kimmes, Kristin Kimmes, Katelin Koudelka, Treya Kragenbring, Cassandra Kramer, Kelly Krier, Grace Larson, Alaina Mattimiro, Cassie McNamara, Allie Nolan, Courtney Ommen, Nika Rabaey, Miranda Seebeck, Ines Siepmann, Gabriella Sorg, Rachel Stancer, Anna Weidner, Brooke Wiuff and Olivia Wolf.

The small group clogging routine “Cops and Robbers” took home a high gold award and high score award. Members include Olivia Wolf, Courtney Ommen, Miranda Seebeck, Casey Kramer, Emily Israel, Kristin Kimmes, Ines Siepmann and Rachel Stancer.

The Sapphire Line performed well, taking home a high gold in jazz and a platinum award, judges award and a high score award in clogging. Members include Shelby Baker, Nicolle Bond, Madison Carpenter, Nena Fasbender, Erin Henrichs, Jordan Hillstead, Brittany Johnson, Maria Kasel, Alaina Kremer, Kailey Marek, Sophia Mattiniro, Lyndsay Nicklay, Julie Nolan, Abby Putnam, Karissa Rother and Marisa Schommer.

The Silver Line received a platinum and high score award in jazz and clogging, and a platinum in lyrical. They were also named Teen Grand National Champions in Clogging. Members include Ann Bacon, Ashley Bowes, Katie Boyd, Tiffany Brenner, Lauren Clark, Avery Dicke, Kelsey Dinndorf, Bailey Fluegel, Becca Francis, Lexi Gahnz, Taylor Kleis, Abby Knoll, Brittany LaFerriere, Megan Leahy, Sara Lund, Emelia Olson, Ashleigh Overlander, Elizabeth Peine, Amber Petersen, Haley Petersen, Macy Pollard, Ally Schlander, Amy Schlosser, Lacey Seidl, Abigail Small, Josie Strickland, Olivia Welsons, Brianna White, Madeline Woodman and McKenna Youngquist.

The Purple Line earned high gold awards in jazz as well as a platinum and first place high score award in clogging. Purple members include Kelsey Baker, Ellie Barker, Ellie Bauer, Grace Boyd, Emily Clemens, Jenna Dale, Olivia Dick, Kayleen Dinndorf, Elizabeth Henrichs, Mariah Latuff, Lauren McQuade, Maiya Nicklay, Emily Pederson, Katie Peine, McKenzie Putnam, Natalie Shofner, Deanna Small, Kaitlyn Walderson and Autumn Miller.

The Emerald Line received platinum and first place high score awards in clogging and a high gold and a high score award in jazz. Members include Joshua Anderson, Molly Barker, Mackenzie Brinker, Alexandra Dunkel, Lydia Fasbender, Marisa Fritz, Noelle Gahnz, Ellie Gullicks, Erika Henrichs, Julia Herber, Abby Kampa, Chloe Kimmes, Clarisa Kramer, Brookelyn Rawn, Nicole Reents, Olivia Rottman, Brenna Rowe, Mya Rudh, Rebecca Schill, Graciela Sieben, Hannah Siebenaler, Rhyan Smith, Morgan Stark, Karin Geerdes and Lauren McQuade.

The Platinum Line earned a high gold award in jazz. Members include Tiffany Brenner, Dea Duesing, Taylor Kleis, Megan Leahy, Grace Mentzos, Jada Panzer, Kathryn Quam, Samantha Seebeck, Brianna White, McKenna Youngquist and Annie Fox.

The Gold Line received a high gold and high score award in jazz and earned a platinum and first place high score award in clogging. Members include Sage Alverson, Izzy Axelrod, Allexis Bohmbach,Taylor Borash, Morgan Buck, Hope Davis, Emma Dinndorf, Anela Johnson, Erin Kampa, Katelynn Krey, Allie Majeski, Morgan Nelson, Londyn Overlander, Isabel Precious, Mallory Provost, Lauren Reuter, Ella Samuelson, Laura Schmidt, Charlee Simacek, Abby Zgoda, Nicole Zimmerman, Chloe Norlin and Kylee Knoll.

The pre-comp cloggers took home a high gold and high score award. Members include Chloe Axelrod, Claire Dicke, Abby Doffing, Morgan Dohmen, Aiden Erickson, Ashley Fritz, Leah Holmes, Carly Kimmes, Ava Mahoney, Clara Mattson, Lilly Meier, Lindsey Nadeau, Alyssa Nestingen, Delana Rowe, Annika Seebeck, Madelyn Chandler and Amber Puckett.

Mini Lyrical received a high gold award and high score award. Members include Lauren Reuter, Morgan Buck and Londyn Overlander.

Junior Lyrical received a high gold award. Members include Karin Geerdes, Lauren McQuade, Nicole Reents, Olivia Rottman and Rhyan Smith.

Pre-comp jazz received a high gold and high score award. Members include Amber Puckett, Delana Rowe and Madelyn Chandler.

The Hip Hop routine received a high gold award. Members include Josh Anderson, Katelyn Krey, Steven Krey, Mallory Provost and Brenna Rowe.

The Specialty Routines also performed well. The contemporary number won a high gold award. This number includes members of the Silver and Sapphire Lines with Cassie Kramer and Ashley Getting.

The Boys Hip Hop class received high gold and judge’s choice awards. Members include Joshua Anderson, Konnor Anselment, Nathan Barker, Adam Christie, Alex Christie, Aiden Erickson, Wil Hubbard, Steven Krey, Carter O’Brien, Aaron Schweich and Brecken Siebenaler.

The Super Clogging routine, made up of Silver, Sapphire, Emerald and Purple Line members, won a platinum and first place high score award and a judge’s choice award.

The “Wizard of Oz” took home platinum, high score and judges awards. Members include Erin Anderson, Molly Barker, Grace Boyd, Katie Boyd, Sam Chapin, Emily Clemens, Olivia Dick, Becca Francis, Brooke Francis, Cassandra Kramer, Clarissa Kramer, Alaina Kremer, Megan Leahy, Cassie McNamara, Maiya Nicklay, Katie Peine, Mackenzie Putnam, Samantha Seebeck, Hannah Siebenaler, Deanna Small and Teah McGrath.

In the individual competition, Ruby Line members sparkled in their performances. Brooke Francis took home a platinum in lyrical, while Anna Weidner took home a high gold in clogging. Marissa Schommer took home the senior solo Grand National title with her clogging routine, “The Wind.” Ann Bacon received a platinum, Maddy Woodman received a high gold award and Abby Small received a platinum. Also, Ally Schlander received platinum and the runner-up title in the Teen Grand Nationals. The Ruby trio of Brooke Frances, Treya Kragenbring and Grace Larson took home a platinum award in lyrical and a runner-up in the Senior Grand Nationals.

The duet of Elizabeth Peine and Brittany Laferriere won a high gold award in jazz.

Standout Dancer awards went to Brooke Francis, Grace Larson, Anna Weidner and Treya Kragenbring.

Tryouts for competition lines will be July 22 through July 25. Information on tryouts and fall schedules can be obtained by calling 651-437-1584. Also, Jan’s students interested in the Rivertown Days Parade call Jan at the same number.