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Two Hastings cleaning companies join efforts

Two small business owners in Hastings have teamed up to provide their clients with even more services. AB CAM Services and Property Tenders, both professional cleaning companies, are teaming up to provide their clients with more comprehensive services.

Adam Bonine has run AB CAM Services since 2006. He got into the business at first to supplement his income, but when the economy crashed, he was let go from his career job and cleaning became his only source of income.

"I didn't pursue it, but it pursued me," he said of the work.

His business covers a wide array of commercial and residential cleaning services, including carpet cleaning, janitorial services, construction cleanup, furnace and air duct cleaning, window washing, pressure washing, parking lot maintenance and more.

Jennifer Bongard, the manager at AB CAM Services, is the owner of her own cleaning business, Property Tenders. It's a business she started with her mother and sisters to give herself a flexible means of income that would allow her to be home with her children. She started by cleaning private homes, but the economy affected her as well, and she lost clients who could no longer afford the service. To make up for the shortfall, she got into the real estate market, cleaning up foreclosed homes to help get them back on the market. She launched Property Tenders in 2011. Now that the economy is recovering, she's seeing her work shift back to residential cleaning, she said.

About a year ago, Bongard and Bonine met through a mutual friend and started talking about their businesses. Bonine was often asked if his company would do residential cleaning, so he started referring his clients to Bongard. Likewise, Bongard would refer her clients to AB CAM Services for the more industrial work.

This past fall, Bonine called Bongard to see if she would be interested in linking the two businesses. He was looking to expand AB CAM Services and it would have spread his staff too thin to try to cover the work Bongard already was doing.

"It made sence to team up and offer all of it," Bongard said.

Each business has five employees. Between the 10 of them, they can manage a lot of different services, Bonine said.

Bongard and Bonine share a concern for providing high quality work.

"We have a lot invested in doing a good job," Bonine said.

The work they've done together has earned them nothing but praise from the clients, Bongard said.

For more about AB CAM Services, go to www.abcam or email abcam Property Tenders can be reached at or 651-442-3165.