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Flu forces Regina Medical Center to restrict visitors at birthing center

Due to a recent surge in influenza cases, Regina Medical Center has placed restrictions on visitors to its Family Birthing Center.

"Effective immediately, only fathers, siblings and grandparents will be allowed access to the family birthing center," said Debra Eiselt, director of infection prevention at Regina.

Individuals experiencing flu-like symptoms are asked to avoid visiting the Regina unless they are being treated in the emergency room or urgent care. "The influenza can spread quickly and we have a responsibility to protect both our inpatients and residents at Regina and we greatly appreciate the public's assistance," said Eiselt. If it is necessary to visit the Medical Center, masks and hand sanitizers are located at the main entrances.

Symptoms of influenza include:

• Fever - over 100

• Sore throat

• Headache

• Cough

• Body Aches

To avoid the influenza, the public is urged to frequently wash their hands and utilize hand sanitizers when possible. Avoiding large groups of people and individuals that are currently experiencing influenza symptoms, will greatly reduce your risk of becoming ill.