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Little Shop of Treasures opens in downtown Hastings

Stores that sell antiques and collectibles just do better when they're nearby each other. That's the understanding that Joyce McCutcheon has, and it's part of the reason she, Linda Randolph and Karen Goodale moved their store from North St. Paul to Hastings.

McCutcheon, Randolph and Goodale run The Little Shop of Treasures, which opened in downtown Hastings Oct. 23. They had outgrown their space, needed parking and wanted to be around other stores like their own, McCutcheon said.

The Little Shop of Treasures now occupies 1,300 square feet in the back room inside 2nd St. Market, 207 E. Second St. Despite the close proximity, the two businesses are distinct. McCutcheon likes being so close.

"It's going to be good for them, it's going to be good for us," she said.

People who come to one store can browse the other at the same time, or walk down the street to one of several other antiques and collectibles shops. The more similar shops there are, the more attractive the area looks to shoppers, she said.

"We would just like to make it a destination point," she said.

McCutcheon described the shop as "eclectic" and "vintage." They carry an assortment of items, from furniture to household items and collectibles. The majority of it dates back to the 1940s to 1970s and it's collected from all over the five-state area.

"We bring it from everywhere... whatever we think is interesting," she said.

McCutcheon, the eldest of the three women, has been running a shop off and on for years. She opened her first shop in Newport in the 1970s, she said. She enjoys collecting and repurposing things, she said. It's the same with Randolph and Goodale. Randolph has been a long-time collector, and Goodale has worked in similar shops for years. The store is a sort of extension of their hobby, and a way to share their finds with others.

"We do it for fun," McCutcheon said.

The Little Shop of Treasures will host a grand opening event Friday through Sunday, Nov. 16-18. The weekend will feature sales and goodies, or "coffee, cookies and conversation," McCutcheon said.

Hours are the same as 2nd St. Market: Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Sunday noon to 5 p.m. The Little Shop of Treasures is sharing 2nd St. Market's phone number as well. The number is 651-319-0638.