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Marshan Township stands by its decision to close Braveheart

The battle to keep Braveheart Rescue open is being fought largely by email. The Marshan Township Board received a substantial stack of email letters from people concerning the closure of Braveheart Rescue. Board clerk Marge Snyder presented the printed emails to the board at its meeting Tuesday evening.

Several emails were from Thomas Cole, Snyder said at the meeting. Cole had recovered two escaped dogs from Braveheart last November, but refused to return one, claiming the rescue had willfully abandoned the dog. After being charged with theft, the dog was seized from him. The charge was later dismissed. Cole had also approached the town board last year with concerns about how the rescue was being run.

Although Braveheart's owner was not in attendance at the meeting, the town board did hold a brief discussion about the issue. Chairman Jerry Bauer noted that none of the constituents he has talked to about the rescue have indicated any interest in allowing it to stay. The board again pointed to the fact that the Animal Ark shelter is just a couple miles away, and that its presence negates the need for a rescue organization in Marshan Township.

At its April meeting, the board told Braveheart's owner, Brandi Tracy, she had to have the rescue shut down by July 17 because she did not have a permit to operate a rescue. Although Tracy asked the board to reconsider, the date has not been changed.

The next town board meeting is at 8 p.m. Tuesday, July 17.