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Man Cave Xchange moves

The Man Cave Xchange in Hastings has a new location. The business has moved to 225 W. 33rd Street, in the building shared with Dollar Tree and Coborn's Superstore.

Julie LaFavor said the move was done to give the location more room to grow.

"It's a much larger location," she said. "We have bigger and better things planned. We had just outgrown the other space. This is perfect for what we want to be doing as we grow."

The business got started as a consignment shop for all things men, from fishing supplies to snowblowers. It is keeping that aspect of its business intact, and it is adding an altogether new aspect as well, becoming an auction house on the other side of the location. It is doing online and live auctions.

"We're super excited about this," LaFavor said. "It's a huge part of the business now."

There will be different themes for the auctions, which will be based on what the store is able to purchase. LaFavor said she is buying semi-loads of items from major retailers. They will be sold next to the consignment items, or at auctions. Items range from electronics to home goods to seasonal outdoor items.

The auctions have been a good way, LaFavor said, to keep the inventory in the store as fresh as possible.

"The whole goal is to turn over the inventory," she said. "People who keep coming in, they want to see different things in the store. That's what entices them to keep coming back, which makes this all work better for us and for the seller.

"This is a great avenue for people to unload things they don't need anymore, and to make some money on them."

The business still rents moving trucks as well. They are now renting Penske vehicles.

Hours for the store vary by the season. They can be reached by calling 651-437-3029 or at www.mancave