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Clinic workers at Regina will be Allina employees

Forty-six Regina Medical Center employees - including 13 health care providers and 33 staff - are preparing to become Allina employees after the two organizations agreed it would help all employees function more cohesively.

The two health care organizations entered into a collaborative venture in 2007.

"At that time, Allina Medical Clinics assumed responsibility for the management of all clinic operations, and both organizations came together to function as one integrated clinic at the two existing locations on the Regina campus and in Prescott, Wis.," explained Regina CEO Ty Erickson in an email.

There were Regina employees who remained in the clinic who have been working side by side with Allina employees. However, since the venture began, it's become apparent that having staff reporting to two different employees was complicating their work.

"It would make it simpler to have the employees report all to one group," said Allina Clinic Manager Jackie Nelson.

So as of Jan. 2, Allina will assume employment of those Regina staff working in the clinic. It will allow some aspects of their work more streamlined, Nelson explained. For example, Regina employees will no longer have to complete two sets of mandatory trainings - one for Regina and one for Allina - and time clock and payroll operations will be simplified.

Overall, the changes for employees will be subtle, Nelson said. Employees are already working with Allina's human resources department to decide how to transfer their benefits, and all employees will be recognized at the same pay rate, Nelson said.

"Regina and Allina worked really closely together to make sure the change would benefit the employee in every aspect possible," she said.

"Both organizations are working together to ensure a smooth change for their employment," Erickson wrote. "We value the contributions that these physicians and employees have made in serving the patients of the Hastings and Prescott areas."

As far as any changes for patient care go, there will be none.

"There is going to be no change for patients, no change for any of the health care options the community has come to enjoy here," Nelson said.

"We do not anticipate any interruption to patient care and or staffing," Erickson said.

A few employees who have made the switch already have given positive feedback, Nelson said. As for those still waiting, the reaction is mixed. Some, Nelson said, are excited. Others still need some time to absorb it and see how they'll fit into the new organization.

"I think it's going to be a positive change for both the community and the employees in the continued effort of a campus approach for health care for the Hastings community," Nelson said.