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Hurst joins Power Within Chiropractic

A car accident changed the career plans for Dr. Lorraine Hurst. The crash led her to become a chiropractor. She joined Power Within Chiropractic last week.

Originally from Alberta, Canada, Hurst was attending college in Saskatchewan and was pursuing a business degree.

"I was in a car accident and had severe headaches," said Hurst. "I went to a (chiropractic) doctor in Saskatchewan and I was better in three weeks. She inspired me."

Hurst did complete her business degree and actually worked in business for several years, but then she made the decision to come to St. Paul to enroll in Northwestern College of Chiropractic. Her inspiration had also attended the college here and the college is well known and respected.

"I was just inspired to help people," said Hurst. "I was interested in treating the cause of disease using the natural approach."

As part of her earning her degree, Hurst spent two years in internship with other chiropractors in the area. One was a four-month program with Dr. Bethanie Schatz, who owns and is the chief chiropractor of Power Within Chiropractic, located at Westview Center in Hastings. The two connected, Hurst said.

"We actually met through a mutual acquaintance and I did a job shadow with her," said Hurst. "I did the internship and we clicked well."

Hurst completed her internships and took her four board exams to become licensed in Minnesota. Topics include physical therapy, human biology and the nervous system. She became licensed in November.

Hurst began her position at Power within Chiropractic Jan. 1. As a licensed chiropractor, her area of services will include adjustments, nutritional counseling, applied kinesiology, and manual muscle therapy.

She has only been part of the community for a short period of time, but is happy here and looking forward.

"I really enjoy the community," she said. "I love the community and people have been so welcoming."

She is also looking forward to helping people who come into the office.

"Being able to relieve people from pain is so important to me," said Hurst. "I love to see the results - I'm addicted to the outcome."

Hurst is available for appointments Monday through Friday and can be reached at 651-437-6778.